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Because my body is obviously in full speed ahead fall mode… Welcome to this week’s Soup Edition.  As someone who is perpetually cold, soup is my food love language.  It’s warm, flavors meld together, it gets better with age… and bread.

Everything about it sings sweet sweet songs to me?

A little much?  Nah.

Even in the heat of summer.. as long as the restaurant is air conditioned.. I will order myself a massive bowl of soup and eat every morsel.  Or sip. Or whatever the remnants of soup bowls are called.

Favorite Tomato:  Noodles and Company makes this amazing Tomato Bisque that’s the perfect amount of tomato plus spice.  Since their Buy-One-Get-One coupons don’t happen on a regular-enough-to-satisfy-my-cravings basis I need to master the humble tomato soup in my kitchen this fall.


Favorite Copy-Cat:  Obviously Panera and Olive Garden are some of my favorite restaurants because they seem to get the soup obsession business.  And Olive Garden.. all you can eat (do they still do this)?  Please!  Doesn’t this recipe for their Zuppa Toscana look amazing?!?!IMG_9514edit


Favorite Pasta:  If you’ve never made Lasagna Soup I must implore you to make it soon!  I made this once for family soup night and it was the first pot to disappear.  It’s the perfect amount of cheese to pasta to meat to soup ratio to satisfy even my husband’s carnivorous ways.  This is the exact recipe I used so I can personally attest to it’s deliciousness.


Favorite Vegetarian:  I’ve made something similar to this Red Lentil Coconut Soup more times than I can remember.  Of course, over the years I’ve modified it slightly (which I’ll share once the weather cools) but I would recommend trying out this recipe ASAP.  This is truly one of the recipes that is good on Day 1 but absolutely amazing by Day 2.  On top of that, you have lentils and curry and coconut milk.  Can’t go wrong!




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