Lazy Summer Days

lazy summer days

We are in that weird phase of fall/ summer where the days are short (dark by 7:30.. what?) but it’s still hot during the day.

Like cold in the morning, so you get a hot cup of coffee (plus S-A-N-I-T-Y in a cup, seriously… some days  all days) but by the time you’re finished drinking it your office is a gazillion degrees and you’re sweating buckets.

Like your sister sends you pictures of cute fall boots and fall down vests and warm clothes and you’re ccrraazzzyyy jealous that she’s not mixing summer shorts and fall tops.

Just joking.  I wear scrubs everyday.  Who am I kidding?

But I think about wearing real clothes so that totally counts.

Like, you want to be enjoying all things fall (including baking… and hooded sweatshirts) but the temperature is telling you pool.

Except the pool is closed… which- why?!?!

Probably because it gets dark by 7:30. That’s why.

Like you know 2 months from now you’ll be dreaming of the balmy 90 degree weather we’re currently experiencing but nothing you can do can convince your mind of that now.

We’re escaping the city heat this weekend and headed back to the mountains to spend some relaxing time enjoying real fall weather.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it next week!

P.S. Always thinking of my favorite baby brother who is stuck in 100 + something ridiculous degree heat somewhere in the Middle East.  Safe stay safe, buddy!  We love you! Peanut butter and cookies are headed your way soon!

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