Tunnel Falls – Portland, Oregon

Nitty Gritty: 12 miles with 1640 feet gain in elevation.


This hike was one of those adventures that you realize you were in no way prepared for.

I went to Portland a couple of weeks ago, and my one request was that I be required to make no decisions all weekend. It was a brilliant request, but definitely required a go-with-the-flow attitude.


And so I started this hike with no knowledge of what was ahead. What was ahead was a 12 mile hike that turned into a 13 mile hike when we parked in the wrong lot which turned into at 13+ mile hike when we took a detour at each of the waterfalls to get to the fall’s base and then back up to the trail.


The scenery and my grumbling stomach made me feel a little bit like Frodo on his way to Mordor.

Fortunately, I was with a fabulous group of guys that would have put to Sam to shame with their cheerful rambunctiousness. I also didn’t have a ring slowly driving me insane or evil wraiths and orcs chasing me. So really the only thing that this trail kind of has in common with the Lord of the Rings is that it’s really, really beautiful.


Things to keep in mind: Sections of this trail have a steep drop off on one side so it may not be the best hike for small children.

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