With every weekend that passes I realize I can no longer claim to be carefree and spontaneous… and young.  Houses [and old age] apparently do these things to you…   The harder Cale and I try to fight this grown-up reality the more exhausted we become. Because it turns out if you ignore real life responsibilities for a week.. they are still there the next week.

That being said (talk about Debbie Downer.. Geez!) we wouldn’t have it any other way- we literally have the house of our dreams (and probably only our dreams). Eventually I’ll show some favorite parts of our house.  Plus, it’s hard to watch your money going to rent instead of equity on a house every week. AND there is some kind of satisfaction looking back on finished DIY projects.


In case you were wondering- Our house is a very standard size house, in a very standard size sub-division, that very standard size incomes can buy.  It’s just the first time we have things exactly how we like them= Love our house!

Our Labor Day weekend was spent yard work free and we packed it to the max with the most relaxing- fun things we could think of.

Including Chinese food on Friday night because we wanted to neither cook nor clean.  No lie, I got this fortune in my cookie and decided to take it seriously.

I mean.. in case I needed an excuse.


We’re dealing with a spate of allergy problems over here in Colorado which gives us an excuse to be in bed by 9 every night.

While I may not like allergies.. I love the excuses they give us!

Short week- ahoy!  Wish there were three day weekends every week!

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