We (The Husband) have been working diligently on the dirt pile every waking moment for the last… however long it’s been.  Basically, every free moment (which they’re not a lot of them) Cale has had he has been attempting to dig through our hard clay dirt to put in sprinklers and then moving nice black dirt back over everything to hopefully encourage growth of some kind of green variety.

He’s tired.  I’m tired.  And until the dang yard is done, home isn’t the most relaxing place on the planet.

Enter Frisco.

A quick drive from Denver (if you avoid high traffic times- Friday afternoons heading up and Sunday evenings coming down) but it gets you away from home and out of the city.  We specifically were looking for something to do other than hiking (which we llllooooovvveee) because our bodies were tired.  I think my body was tired from watching my husband work??

Don’t ask.  Don’t get mad at me.  Just go with the story.  AND I am the most faithful water fetcher and any-other-task-that-doesn’t-involve-trying-to-dig-through-clay out there.  Plus I say encouraging things like, “How much does it cost to pay someone to do this? and/or Is that all the farther you’ve dug.. I mean it looks awesome!”

Very helpful.

Very in need of a break.  The husband. Not I.IMG_0527

Frisco has a really nice summer recreation area on Highway 9 on your way to Breckenridge.  Not too mention, its slightly less ‘touristy’ and more quiet than Breckenridge and other ski resort towns [But still close enough that you could drive to and from them in just a couple of minutes. It has a baseball field, some open grassy areas, a skate park… and frisbee golf.  Known to the cool kids as Frolf.

Now that I typed that I’m not sure if anyone calls it that except for my family…

It’s an extremely low key version of golf that you play with a frisbee.  In case you missed it.  And it’s free.
Frolf for the win.

Cale and I have played frisbee golf and handful of times in our life but try to make it up to Frisco once a year to walk around, breath in the fresh mountain air, and relax without spending any money.  Except on coffee.

Working on that.

If you’ve never been to the mountains in summer (all you out-of-state ski fanatics) I would recommend visiting at least once in the summer.  Most of the major ski resorts have really fun summer recreation areas set up at the resort.  Including gondola rides to the top with picnic lunches.  The weather is perfect.. some odd mix of warmth and cool that only the mountains can deliver.

frolf 4

The hiking is divine.

And when you just want to relax and wander.  Frolf.


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