Embracing Summer’s End

As much as I am so (soooo) sad that summer flew by once again, we’re trying to embrace the last of the warm summer days as much as we can.

This coming weekend is Labor Day (whoop for 3 day weekends) so we’ve decided to boycott yard work for the weekend.

But who says the fun has to wait for the weekend?  On the last day of August, we crossed an major item off of our Denver bucket list and made it to Film on the Rocks.

During the summer months, Red Rocks Amphitheater opens up 2 times a week and shows a movie.

If you don’t know about Red Rocks, you must not like music. Only joking a little. It’s a fairly famous concert venue built into the [red] rocks on the outskirts of Denver.  This was Cale’s first time there, ever (bad wife of the year).  We had the most beautiful weather  after wondering if the rain was going to clear for the entire afternoon.

So. Much. Fun.  By the time we jumped on the Film on the Rocks bandwagon (thanks to an invite from the brother) there were only 2 movie showings left until next summer.  Since we waited for just a bit too long we had the choice between Magic Mike and Guardians of the Galaxy.

We obviously chose Magic Mike.

Just joking, it was mixed gender so we chose Guardians of the Galaxy. Not my typical jam- as in I had no idea what the movie was even about.  But whether it was the ambiance or actually a good movie I ended up loving it.

The late Monday night has been killing me each day after but would totally go see one again without a second thought.  Plus I need to improve my picnic game.. they totally let you bring outside food in which adds to the level of fun.  I felt like a total amateur just bringing in my bag of white cheddar popcorn.  Entire Thanksgiving dinners were brought in.  Amazing.

Can’t hardly wait for the weekend… we have a day in the mountains, block party (with a taco truck- seriously such fun neighbors!), a wedding, and overnight guests.

Who will be ready for a vacation next week??

That’s when you know you’ve made the most of a long weekend.

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