I have a list of cities that I would like to live in. Charleston, South Carolina; Santa Fe, New Mexico; anywhere in New Zealand. I’d love to live in Arizona for a year to see if the heat is as miserable as people say, or if (as I suspect) the wonderful sun just seeps into your bones, relaxing every tired muscle. I’d love to live in the deep South until the slow drawl sounds like home, and I’ve eaten my weight in fried chicken.

This weekend I visited Portland, Oregon for the first time, and the city snatched a spot near the top of my list. I can’t wait to go back to meet more of the people and food that make up this city (Yes, I just spoke of meeting food as if Portland’s cuisine might be a new best friend. My relationship with food is very important to me).

Portland Street

I have such a high regard for Portland that I’m betting you’ll fall in love with the city by the end of breakfast. Here’s what you’ve got to do if you happen to find yourself in Portland (and you should definitely figure out how to end up in Portland).

Find yourself some coffee. Coffee is essential for every city exploration. I’d suggest checking out Stumptown. There’s a few locations but their downtown cafe on 3rd Avenue is by the original Voodoo Doughnuts so you can contemplate waiting in line for a doughnut as you sip your delicious brew.


With coffee in hand, hop in your car and head east. If you had a doughnut find some extra room in your belly because your tastebuds need to experience the wonders at the Waffle Window. The Waffle Window is just that. It’s a window that serves up the most amazing waffle concoctions. As far as I can tell, they start every plate with the same fluffy inside, crisp outside waffle and then top it with everything from sweet blueberry cheesecake to savory bacon, brie, and basil.

Go to Portland. Eat some breakfast. Hang around for a while.

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