Sweet Potato Burritos

Sweet potato black bean burritos 1

Let me preface this whole recipe by saying I’m not the hugest fan of sandwiches.  As in, my husband gets really excited when a loaf of bread shows up on the kitchen counter.

They’re just not my jam.

I love to eat hot food for my main dish for both lunch and dinner.  Call me crazy.  It’s what I like.

Back in the day (when I had my life together) I tried to follow somewhat of a meal schedule that had at least one vegetarian meal per week.

Also one taco meal per week.  But that’s just me.

Back in this same day I was able to buy groceries for Cale and myself (3 meals a day/ 7 days a week) for less than $50.  This was only 2 years ago so you can tell how much I’m failing on all life accounts.

I was always looking for meals that were cheap but didn’t taste cheap and were great re-heated and even better if you could freeze them.

Enter sweet potato burritos.  There’s absolutely no meat in them and you can even make them vegan by omitting the cheese and checking ingredients on the tortillas you buy.  I generally have all of these ingredients on hand for one reason or the other which makes this a staple meal for us!

Sweet potato black bean burritos 3

Side note:  There’s nothing pretty about photographing a wrapped burrito.  So, ignore the pictures… love the food!

Better than all of the above, is that you can’t even really tell you’re missing the meat.  Not kidding- the husband loves them, I love them, and the vegetarian-ish sister gave them a stamp of approval too!

They are great in lunches for the week and are easily frozen and re-heated in a snap.

Burritos 2


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