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Heyo!  I know that summer technically lasts for another month, in my books I have one week of summer left.  One week before Labor Day, one week before the pool closes…

Speaking of Labor Day, what happened to schools waiting until after labor day to start?  Not that it particularly affects me anymore but seeing the busses on the road really speeds up my fall odometer.

In honor of the very last week of summer (I’ll definitely say that again before it’s over) here are some of my current summer faves!

Favorite Spot: We finally are getting in my favorite produce at the Farmer’s Market!  Tomatoes, sweet corn, bell peppers… I could just sit there and breath in the scent of fresh produce and be a happy camper for most of the day!

Farmer's Market 2

Favorite Food:  Speaking of Farmer’s Markets and fresh produce.. Hello sweet corn season!  I always thought that after moving away from the Midwest that I would never experience ‘good’ sweet corn again.  Honestly.  I think they taught me that in school.  Ok kidding..   Turns out the western slopes of Colorado can grow themselves some dang good corn too!   Other than straight of the cob, a good corn chowder is one of my most favorite soups ever!


Favorite Sip:  Everything about this screams summer and refreshing to me.  Plus, I just happen to have a bottle of Moscato laying around here somewhere.  I think it’s a sign…


Favorite DIY:  My husband has become the ultimate scavenger since moving into an active constructive site and we have spent our fair share of evenings dumpster diving along with the rest of the neighbors.  Great bonding actually.  One piece of wood that has my attention is a decent looking pallet.  Are pallet projects still a thing?  Anyways, the boards are perfectly distressed and ready to be turned into a herb garden.  Hopefully one I can move into the house once it gets chilly so I can use fresh herbs all year ’round.


Favorite Place:  I love water and I love mountains and I think that means I should visit Lake Tahoe.  Soon.

Need I say more??





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