The Dirt Pile

Happy Thursday!  So if today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and then we’re on to another weekend!

We are up to another weekend of playing in the dirt so if there are any ultimate DIYers out there you are welcome to join us.

The Pile of Dirt 2

Jenny’s carefree apartment life is looking more enticing by the minute.

By Monday morning, the sprinkle system needs to be in and preferably functional, along with 4 inches of top soil (because what we’re ‘digging’ through now is a pretty sorry excuse for anything but concrete).

The Pile of Dirt 3

Then, my friends, grass seed gets put in.

And then.. bring on the yard games and backyard barbecues.

Or let’s be honest, then are different house projects.

Next, we may need sanity counseling.

Is this a thing.. if not it should be.

Turns out, when 2 people take on a lifetime of house projects.. but they don’t exactly like house projects nor do they know what they’re doing- Life gets… interesting.

Do not ask me why we decided that the brand new house needed any work at all… BUT, if we ever decide to build (or move) again, please remind us both of the level of exhaustion that hits after working full time and then working full time on your house.

Actually, if we ever mention moving again please remind us of this whole conversation.

First world problems.

The Husband is maybe the most patient person with me as possible, but he’s getting a little ahem: annoyed :ahem with me when I keep asking what I should help with.

Apparently, that question is only useful in person A knows what they need help with.

Many silent prayers are being sent heavenward for a ‘quick’ installation and no leaking pipes.

Many coffees are being purchased.

Many, many dreams of vacations are being tossed around.

Enjoy your weekend!


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