Eleven Mile State Park

Nitty Gritty: This state park is just west of Colorado Springs near Lake George, Colorado- a short 2 hour drive from Denver.  Tent camping (non-electrical) is $16 a night and the park pass is $7 a day.  The address for Eleven Mile State Park is:

4229 County Road 92, Lake George, CO 80827

Eleven Mile State Park2

Cale and I were looking to get out of town for our anniversary weekend but didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  We love going camping but have seen entire summers disappear without a camping trip in sight.  We decided to kill two birds with one stone.  We were both able to relax, catch up on life around the campfire, and stare at the gorgeous sunrise.  Seriously, it was amazing.  We of course loaded up on all our favorite treats and snacks, and pulled out some new camping gear when it came to dinner time.  The result?  Two smelly, relaxed, and stuffed campers.

Eleven Mile State Park 3

Highlights: Hello flush toilets! As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I absolutely love the outdoors… and modern plumbing! There is a bathroom and shower facility located at the park entrance that is open 24 hours a day. The views from this campsite are absolutely amazing and they have plenty of open shore front if you like fishing. I highly recommend the walk-in campsites if you’re up for carrying your gear a short distance (campsites 117-120). You’ll have much more privacy than traditional campsites and they sit higher up in elevation which increases the amazing views. While we were too busy fishing (and reading) during the day, the campground also boasts of backcountry hiking and camping. Most importantly, this campground is a short jaunt from Denver which makes a weekend camping trip completely doable!


Things to Keep in Mind: We’ve been lucky this year to have had plenty of rain but make sure to always check the campfire guidelines before heading out. We typically try to go camping in early summer which is the least likely time to have campfire restrictions. Also, you’re in the mountains so if you’re thinking about camping in the early or late summer be aware that nights can get cold! Finally, thunderstorms can roll in quickly (mostly in the afternoons) so make sure you have a dry place to keep your firewood and that your gear is protected in a waterproof location!


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