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Jenny is home this weekend so I took today off so we could spend the entire day doing ‘sister’ things.  This is an all encompassing term meaning we do everything and/or nothing at all.  And it’s all fun!  I’m still fully stuck in summer mode so bear with me as I continue to savor all things summer.  Plus, summer doesn’t officially end for another month so lets continue soaking up this nice hot weather.  Shall we?

Favorite Grill: Pickled jalepenos are not my jam but give me fresh jalepenos.. Please. With cheese? Can’t get enough. Freshly grilled burger? Summer grill perfection.

Jalepeno Cheddar Burgers

Favorite Sip: I know I’m 10 years late to the game but Moscow Mules are my new summer go-to. Thankfully buying a six pack of ginger beer every week would totally blow my grocery budget but this drink screams summer refreshment to me.

Peach Moscow Mule

Favorite dress: I have a problem called I wear a t-shirt and jeans for every occasion. Church? Nice jeans with a ‘fancy t-shirt’. Shopping? Plain t-shirt, fun jeans, and a scarf. Yard work? Old jeans and old paint stained t-shirt. You get the point. A good t-shirt dress? Just as easy and breaks my fashion norms. In a good way.

T-shirt Dress

Favorite brew: While I live (does everyone now?) in the land of microbreweries I’m still not the hugest fan of beer. But give me cold-brewed coffee, with a little sugar, and a lotta cream. Mmmm.  Next kitchen challenge.

Cold brewed Coffee

Favorite DIY:  We built our house, purposefully leaving off a door separating the master bedroom from the master bathroom.  Purposefully because it was an extra $500 dollars.  As soon as I walked through the house, I knew it would be a perfect place to put in a barn door.  One of my favorite features that are going into houses today.   Not only will it provide a bit of privacy but I’m also using it as decor in the room.


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