The Chocolate Syrup Fiasco

Chocolate Syrup FiascoI spilled chocolate syrup onto my laptop’s trackpad and now the barest touch registers as a “click.” I have accidentally clicked on more ads, pinned more pins, and closed more windows that I meant to minimize than I have in the past year.

How did I manage to spill chocolate syrup onto my computer? No, I wasn’t working on a fabulous recipe for my next blog post. I was just trying to squirt some chocolate into my mouth. My eye-hand coordination is less than perfect (pretty awful). My hand-mouth coordination is even worse.

Why was I squirting chocolate syrup into my mouth? Do I need a reason?!? But I actually have one so I’ll share: A bottle of chocolate syrup was past it’s expiration date by a solid year. It passed the visual examination and sniff test so it needed to be tasted.

How did I let chocolate syrup get past its expiration date without devouring it? Great question. I’m still puzzling over that myself.

By the way, the syrup passed the taste test with flying colors.

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