Strawberry shortcake

I’m in a bit of a panic right now because I can’t believe it’s already August. And you know what happens after August?  Fall. Except I’m just getting used to summer.  I’m eating watermelon by the bowl-full, grilling out every night, and trying to enjoy the long nights as much as I can while ignoring the sun that’s already shortening my summer evenings. I’m trying to squeeze every last bit of summer out of these remaining weeks which may include getting scorched at the pool one last time… Future skin cancer patient of America.

I’ll start wearing sunscreen tomorrow.

I know I’m prematurely aging myself.

Who cares. I’m old already.
Speaking of getting old my birthday is right around the corner. Funny story about birthdays…. When I was much younger my brothers always used to tease me that I had as many boyfriends as the number of candles I couldn’t blow out. First of all, who can’t blow out 5 candles? (Me apparently) and why did this traumatize me so badly (sensitive soul, anyone?!?). Anyways, because my grandma is the best she began the tradition of making me strawberry pie every year for my birthday instead of a birthday cake with the rule that candles don’t belong on pies. Bless her.


Strawberry shortcakes are by no means strawberry pie but they are a sweet taste of summer. The light fluffy biscuits, sweet strawberries, and rich whipped cream are what lazy summer evenings are made of. Plus, the majority of the ingredients you will have on hand as pantry items so you can whip this dessert up in a cinch.

Nobody will tell if you eat the leftovers for breakfast.


[kindred-recipe id=”102″ title=”Strawberry Shortcake”]

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