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I started a crossword puzzle recently. It’s a Wednesday puzzle from the New York Times. Wednesday puzzles say, “Hey, I’m a challenge, but I’ll let you succeed just enough to keep you trying.” Well, this Wednesday puzzle has me stumped. I have spent so much time in the past few days thinking about a seven-letter word for exaggerate with the send letter being an “n.” I have made some room in my brain to obsess over some other things as well. Here they are:

Favorite shirt: I am in need of a chambray shirt. I am in need of this chambray shirt from Madewell. Ok, ok. I’m in want of that shirt… I think I remember seeing a similar shirt in Megan’s closet. I may settle for stealing her’s instead.

Slim Boyshirt in Chambray - Madewell

Favorite activity: Planning for my next trip home to Denver. It’s happening in seven days. Yup, that’s right folks! In one (hopefully short) week, I’ll be back in the Mile High City with some of my favorite people.

Favorite book: Now I wouldn’t consider myself to be a poetic person, and great works of poetry often go way over my head, but a dear friend sent me Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson. He makes life sound pretty. Which is about as poetic as I get.

Favorite sip: A blender, some fruit, and a splash of water. I was introduced to the wonderful world of agua fresca over the weekend. Come back soon for a watermelon agua fresca recipe.

Favorite berry: Blackberries are going crazy in Seattle. JB and I picked a bucket worth off the trail by my apartment last weekend, and I can’t seem to eat them fast enough.


I hope you had a fabulous week. Happy Friday!

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