A Torrid Love Affair

The only pets we were allowed to have while growing up were pet rabbits.  Don’t ask me why.  Apparently they are less work than cats and dogs.  Due to family allergy issues all of our rabbits were housed outside.  In cages.  In rural Minnesota.  In winter.

Nary a rabbit lost to the cold in all our years.

The most favorite and last pet rabbit of the family even made the move to Colorado in a dog carrier filled with kitty litter.
Needless to say, I was a fan.

Was a fan.

Turns out wild mountain rabbits are a whole ‘nother breed.

The first car repair bill for chewed wires was a punch in the gut.  Turns out these wiley little suckers sneak to wherever there is warmth… such as car engines in the middle of winter.

I personally think Colorado rabbits need to learn a thing or two from Minnesota rabbits called survival skills.
Or maybe its reversed, and Colorado actually breeds far more superior [smarter] and therefore lazy rabbits that are smart enough to find warmth where ever it’s at.

Anyways, as we were working on our weed lot- commonly known as the backyard- I noticed a little bunny had jumped into our window well.  I felt bad about it, but not too bad (car wires, my friends).  Regardless, I didn’t want to clean a carcass out of the window well so the rabbit had to go.  I left it to the man of the house to take care of the rabbit issue.

Next thing I know, he’s taking perfectly good, human food out of our refrigerator to feed to the rabbit for ‘sustenance’.  And to let it lead a happy wire chewing existence post entrapment.

Human food- bought with hard earned money- to a money sucking rabbit who jumped into a hole.


The rabbit is now leading a purposeful life, terrorizing car owners across the Denver metro.

In other news, my brother had his own pet rodent to deal with…

A Torrid Love Affair- Skunk


We’ll take our rabbit any day.


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