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About Megan


I’m the older sister of this blogging duo- but somehow not wiser nor necessarily more mature. [I’m still trying to figure out how this part of life is even fair]  I’m married to my much better half, and we live in a cute little town south of Denver.  I tend to pack way too many things into my life besides my full time job so I’ve become a pro at quick meals and delicious leftovers.  My husband just built me my dream house/paid some sweet builders to do it and my current obsession is making it our home.  While we definitely don’t crave do-it-yourself projects we tend to be a little too thrifty so find ourselves tackling more house projects than we ever wanted to take on.  I may be the lowest maintenance wife ever (completely not true) but most problems in my life can be solved with a hot coffee and a good book.  Somehow weekends don’t make up the majority of life but we spend them exploring the mountains, fishing, reading, and finding the next great [cheap] food.  Oh, and my husband was born a rocker and uses his mad skills to lead our worship band at church. Our favorite thing to plan is our next vacation, carefully picking each location by what food we can devour. We consider our life a continuous adventure and can’t wait to see where life leads us next!

About Jenny


Hopefully you’ve figured out where I fall in our twosome. I live in Seattle while attending grad school and searching for that ever elusive dream job. Home for me is a bright little apartment just blocks away from qualifying as waterfront property (perks of living in Seattle-water is everywhere). My carefully curated decor (aka the cheapest Ikea furnishings available) is typically buried under a mad collection of half-read books, unfinished papers, and empty coffee mugs, but when I make the time to clear off my table, camera cords, paints, and pencils quickly fill the space. My tiny kitchen doles out simple comfort food to help me survive the rain. You’ll typically find me with camera in hand as I explore the coffee shops, mountains, and waterways that surround the Emerald City. Or at least, that’s what I dream of doing. You’ll probably actually find me scrolling through adoptable dogs on Petfinder as I avoid working on my Master’s thesis. However I do try to carve out time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – finding a new favorite brunch spot after church, photographing a sunset, or running the trails near my apartment. My motto is “see the beauty,” and I am continually amazed at the gorgeous life God has blessed me with.


About the Sisters

Megan and Jenny-Fence

Although we may live thousands of miles apart and are a couple of years apart in age we still consider ourselves best friends. Our parents raised us with our two brothers in a small rural Minnesotan town and moved the family west 15 years ago. We’ve been trying to lose the accent ever since…

We save our frequent flier miles and get in as many visits as possible while our constant text conversations fill each other in on the more hilarious (and embarrassing) misadventures of life. Despite the separation in distance and age, our interests and hobbies are amazingly similar. From cooking and baking to hiking and exploring, we hope to share our adventures, recipes, travels, and then some.

Megan and Jenny-Over Shoulder

About our Crafty Mom

Obviously any and all skills (preferably spelled skillz) we have, we got from our most wonderful mom. And any additional [positive] attributes we acquired were solely from her fabulous choice of a husband in our dad. Mom is probably the most adventurous spirit in our entire family, and many the sibling conversation is centered around things Mom did before our existence (always 10 times better than any of us have ever done). This has worked in favor of our own adventurous spirits as she is always in favor of any wild ideas- whether it be moving across the country or crazy recipes- we come up with.

Our girls’  days wouldn’t be the same without Mom along for the adventure. Strolling through stores, she’ll glance at an apron, analyze a dress, and study a pillow, all the while commenting, “I can make that.”

Which is 100% true, 100% of the time.

Our posts will probably have lots of her handmade items in the background, and if the world gets lucky, we’ll convince her to open her own Etsy shop.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our lives! We can’t wait to get started.

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